Important Message - December 6, 2021

After almost 14 years since our initial launch, I am sad to say that (SDU) has shut down. For quite some time, the founders of this site, Gityerfix and myself, have been less and less active in this community. Despite that, I've kept the site going for the benefit of its users, especially since it required minimal effort on my part.

In recent years, the traffic on this site has dropped drastically. I assume this is due to most customers moving to other Service Management platforms.

Back in 2015, after hackers attacked the site, I moved it to a hosted community environment. Unfortunately, that host is about to make a significant increase in the monthly fee. Due to the increased cost and lack of traffic, it is now time to close down SDU.

I apologize if this sudden shut down has adversely affected you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at